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Onto My Tonsillectomy

So, the first 2 days after surgery, you’re like, “omg, everyone lied to me! No probs!” And you start making plans.
The third day, you woke up and your tongue won’t lift, you can’t taste anything, and it feels like someone stuck a torch in your mouth.
Day 3- 7 everybody! Hurt so motherfucking badly.
But, good news! Boyfriend is here!


He hugged me before he went to sleep and burst into tears. He missed me a lot.
Don’t worry, foo. I’m already dreading your departure.

I love him. More adventures in Seoul tomorrow. I developed a new habit of rinsing my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide (read about it on the internet) before i go to sleep. Does not hurt. Instead, as soon as it is in my mouth, i gag and huge clumps of nastiness and clots come up. Because of this, i finally have a voice again and tried eating today (after 6-7 days of starvation!) Still keep choking on my uvula, though. No spices or cold things for me. Gum is helping to relax my jaw and loosen my tongue.
Walking around with Kevin is weird. Tons of stares since everyone thinks he is Korean and we are super scandalous. Then, they speak to him in Korean and only i answer. Haha Sorry, peeps— he doesn’t understand!



I caught the flu. Only got one day off. Lol
Aand i volunteered at an orphanage while getting over it. The most fun i have had ever.
My first surgery overseas is coming soon— tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy wednesday. My boyfriend will come the following weekend.

Oh, and that’s a picture of the house i bought in SC.

And me as a unicorn. Fluffy hair does so much.

Til next.





Not good



Will it be strange to have Nguyen as my last name?

Every girl but me dreams of being whisked off of her feet by a proposal.
No. Not me. I don’t like surprises.

I think today was the day. We discussed it almost like a hushed business proposal.

It really is how I would like it, though. And, a wedding? Nice to dream of, but i’m a realist. I prefer a new house.

Speaking of new house, i just purchased my first house in a little Jewish community in Columbia, South Carolina. 22 and I had the stuff for a 22k down payment. Suck that, people.

I won’t live in the cute little house, though. I have an agreement with my grandmother since i’m still overseas. She wanted to give me a gift without inheritance tax, so this is it. She is paying the mortgage and i will rent it out later. Mom handled all of the paperwork through power of attorney. Greatest family ever. So unexpected.

Boyfriend owns a home, but he wants to give it to his mom, i think. And selfish me? I actually think that’s fine and I understand. His is paid for in full (and he’s 23!) So clever, that boy.

Enjoying Korea. Going out less and less unless it’s to a nearby coffee shop. Recent purchases (the house) mean I need to gather a good amount of savings again.

Supposed to take my father on his first vacation in over 20 years, also.

South East Asia trip while i’m here.


I know! My Korean mom is hella cute.

Surgery soon.

Korea’s Wine Train and Korean Hospitals

I had an endoscopy done at 한려 병원 and a sleep study at 아산 병원 in the same day. They put me to sleep for the endoscopy (didnt tell me ahead of time) so i didn’t have an escort. Stumbled onto the subway alone later, confused, and went in an unknown direction. Sat down and fell asleep (was still groggy) for over an hour in a random subway car :/
The Wine Train trip was awesome. $125 of awesomeness. You basically board this train and drink as much wine as you want while on it.
Got my photo taken by a million Koreans. I am Korea’s Halle Berry, ya’ll.













Surgery and Winter

What an interesting winter. Well, i will be getting surgery this year. Im going to beg for braces and a surgery to fix my bunion before i get out, though.

Bunches of pictures from Korea for you.
I think i look quite fabulous, actually, and am finally starting to enjoy the stares. Take that, Korea!

















Not Cancer

That growth in my head isn’t cancer according to results from Monday’s CT scan with contrast. Contrast in my iv made my crotch burn.

I’m freshly alive again, but i have to get it removed. Millions of all day appointments. And i have a few civilian appointments at hospitals in Korean cities i have yet to explore.

Gluten free diet until i figure out what is causing me to throw up all the time.

And i might get married soon.

Super tumor

I hope my parents’ first trip to Korea isn’t to be here for my surgery. Really, though. Alone overseas and diseased. Lol

Nasal Passage

I couldn’t pop my ears, so I got an ENT appointment.
They used an endoscope to look at my Eustachian tubes and what was the problem instead of just giving me tubes yesterday.

Turns out I have a growth in my nasal passage blocking my Eustachian tube. Caused the one on the left side to collapse. The right is just being squeezed.

The growth has to come out of one of the most sensitive parts of my body.

And I might have to get a biopsy within the coming months.


한국어 할줄 알라.
진짜. 제가 한국 사람과 결혼할번해서 한국어 할수있다. 봍옹 한국 사람을 만날때 한국어 할수있는지 몰라요.한국에 사는거 가끔 재미있지만… 제 전약혼자때문에 힘들어요. 우리 노래들을 들으면서 웃지못해. 그냥 슬프댜.

한국에 나가야돼.

아마 나중에
한국어 다시 좋아할거에요…