What Is IBS?

by justkirsty

IBS is a bullshit diagnosis a bullshit doctor gives you once they are dumbfounded by your symptoms.
IBS is the reason I must get into the medical field.

IBS and GERD put me at a 8 of 10 painwise whenever I would have a flare up (often before i learned alternatives to Nexium) and caused me to spit up large amounts of acid at least 10 times per meal.
GERD probably irritated my tonsils and led to their removal (they were touching each other!)

How to temporarily fix the symptoms of a broken digestive system without taking 80mgs of Nexium a day:
1. Chamomile or nasty peppermint tea with agave (2 cups) immediately upon waking.
2. Swig of apple cider vinegar before I leave the dorms.
3. 2 cups of chamomile tea at minimum at work.
4. Eating light and no greasy foods. If you are offered a sweet snack, split it with someone.
5. No belt buckle by navel.
6. Aloe vera gel (available at gnc or commissary.)
7. 3 cups of chamomile tea until bed.

I would write “work out” on there, but i’ve been in pain only when I run or wake up lately.

Ohhh… And the stomach swelling! My god. It looks like I swallowed a basketball when my stomach (which is nearly flat and 24ish inches around) swells.

Don’t worry… I’m not skinny. I hold my weight on my ass (maybe 40inches.)

I’m so frustrated with this stomach. It reacts to all food.
I’ve had a small intestines biopsy done and two endoscopies. No one has requested a colonoscopy or checked my gallbladder or pancreas…