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Month: October, 2014


Medical school, dental school, physician’s assistant or the adn, bsn track for nursing? Oh my gawd


The Future


Do you know my story? Girl who never had to study before starts partying (while maintaining her GPA of course) the day of prom. Hangs around the wrong crowd. Gets raped. Loses her shit for about two years (included in that bundle of shit was a scholarship. 헐.) Joins the military on a whim, giving up. Pretends to be someone else in the military and learns about herself, truth, and ptsd… Mixed up with a relationship with a naive guy who chooses to support his racist parents rather than marry her. Is sad, but, now knowing true sadness after the rape, determines that life will be okay without that fucker. Finds the love of her life, marries him, and serves the test of her contract 5k miles away.

Okay. What have I gotten from the military?
Some type of discipline. Had none before and was entirely too spoiled before joining.
“Previous employment.” Military = first job.
A husband.
Bought first house with my savings. Currently being rented out.
Earned free school.
Fluency in a second language.
Cleps (worthless in medical programs.)
Financial knowledge.
Amazing credit score.
Semi-help for ptsd. No more panic attacks (1 year since.)
A chance to restart.

So, as much as I talk shit about the military, I have gained a lot of things from it. Good. Reassuring.

But, the rape took me. Potentially perfect, would-be-medical-student me. I have wanted to become a doctor since I was 4 and I now am terrified of any obstacle whatsoever blocking me from my goals. On one hand, I refuse to be a burden and a dependent. On the other, I no longer have the ability to retain as much as I could before.

So, I’ve been thinking of Nursing in order to become a PA. My worry is doing everything in one go— obstacles can be worked around with time. However, medical school = no time and stress in my relationship. Nursing school would be stressful, but much less given me previous abilities (if you don’t judge me by my writing.) And, I could accomplish it while beside my husband— 3 years for my ADN where he’s stationed, then a bridge program to my bsn at his next base. Work a few years, then PA school.
But everyone I’ve spoken to says that is a very difficult route for “just” PA school. And, as a nurse with my masters, I could be so flexible!
But, my end goal has never been nursing.

Bah… Alone in Korea and thinking too much.

the start of my hawaii trip. Month old photo.