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Month: September, 2014


My husband is beautiful. The most handsome, gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. He is so warm and kind and provides me with so many different views other than my own. He is constantly encouraging me and teaching me so much about life and myself. He’s brilliant.

But, he is always morphing into something slightly better. He says he has always been the same, but I doubt it. Maybe the core of him. But, he is ocd about his image. Not necessarily how he dresses most of the time, but how he appears to the world. What person is he?

He is my lovely Husband. When we wrestle, his eyes sparkle. He is my big brother, my best friend, and my lover.

Sad that we have to spend our whole first year of marriage 5k miles away from one another…

And how’s Korea again? I will never ever again forget to take dramamine before getting on a Korean bus. The fumes or something get to me and I immediately get sick. Hot cold, hot cold. Fucking miserable.

This place is lovely for shopping. And i’m happy there are no guns. But… I just miss Hubsterr.



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Baby selfies, my first Fijian friend, a trip to Hawaii, and hubby struggling with my hair.






When things aren’t going well, I try not to record them. I just would prefer to forget.
Therefor, i rarely blog.

Got married yesterday