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Month: April, 2014

What to do?

What are you doing? He asked.
Trying to make myself exist less. Answered she.

Should i lose as much weight as possible again? Another 30 pounds? I just want to disappear…



Guys have this amazing ability to live their lives in incognito mode until they meet someone they can be themselves with. Then, they transform from tight-lipped observers to loving goofballs.

I will always love him.





And i present to you the most intimate details of my life.



Onto My Tonsillectomy

So, the first 2 days after surgery, you’re like, “omg, everyone lied to me! No probs!” And you start making plans.
The third day, you woke up and your tongue won’t lift, you can’t taste anything, and it feels like someone stuck a torch in your mouth.
Day 3- 7 everybody! Hurt so motherfucking badly.
But, good news! Boyfriend is here!


He hugged me before he went to sleep and burst into tears. He missed me a lot.
Don’t worry, foo. I’m already dreading your departure.

I love him. More adventures in Seoul tomorrow. I developed a new habit of rinsing my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide (read about it on the internet) before i go to sleep. Does not hurt. Instead, as soon as it is in my mouth, i gag and huge clumps of nastiness and clots come up. Because of this, i finally have a voice again and tried eating today (after 6-7 days of starvation!) Still keep choking on my uvula, though. No spices or cold things for me. Gum is helping to relax my jaw and loosen my tongue.
Walking around with Kevin is weird. Tons of stares since everyone thinks he is Korean and we are super scandalous. Then, they speak to him in Korean and only i answer. Haha Sorry, peeps— he doesn’t understand!