by justkirsty

Will it be strange to have Nguyen as my last name?

Every girl but me dreams of being whisked off of her feet by a proposal.
No. Not me. I don’t like surprises.

I think today was the day. We discussed it almost like a hushed business proposal.

It really is how I would like it, though. And, a wedding? Nice to dream of, but i’m a realist. I prefer a new house.

Speaking of new house, i just purchased my first house in a little Jewish community in Columbia, South Carolina. 22 and I had the stuff for a 22k down payment. Suck that, people.

I won’t live in the cute little house, though. I have an agreement with my grandmother since i’m still overseas. She wanted to give me a gift without inheritance tax, so this is it. She is paying the mortgage and i will rent it out later. Mom handled all of the paperwork through power of attorney. Greatest family ever. So unexpected.

Boyfriend owns a home, but he wants to give it to his mom, i think. And selfish me? I actually think that’s fine and I understand. His is paid for in full (and he’s 23!) So clever, that boy.

Enjoying Korea. Going out less and less unless it’s to a nearby coffee shop. Recent purchases (the house) mean I need to gather a good amount of savings again.

Supposed to take my father on his first vacation in over 20 years, also.

South East Asia trip while i’m here.


I know! My Korean mom is hella cute.

Surgery soon.