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Month: March, 2014


I caught the flu. Only got one day off. Lol
Aand i volunteered at an orphanage while getting over it. The most fun i have had ever.
My first surgery overseas is coming soon— tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy wednesday. My boyfriend will come the following weekend.

Oh, and that’s a picture of the house i bought in SC.

And me as a unicorn. Fluffy hair does so much.

Til next.






Not good



Will it be strange to have Nguyen as my last name?

Every girl but me dreams of being whisked off of her feet by a proposal.
No. Not me. I don’t like surprises.

I think today was the day. We discussed it almost like a hushed business proposal.

It really is how I would like it, though. And, a wedding? Nice to dream of, but i’m a realist. I prefer a new house.

Speaking of new house, i just purchased my first house in a little Jewish community in Columbia, South Carolina. 22 and I had the stuff for a 22k down payment. Suck that, people.

I won’t live in the cute little house, though. I have an agreement with my grandmother since i’m still overseas. She wanted to give me a gift without inheritance tax, so this is it. She is paying the mortgage and i will rent it out later. Mom handled all of the paperwork through power of attorney. Greatest family ever. So unexpected.

Boyfriend owns a home, but he wants to give it to his mom, i think. And selfish me? I actually think that’s fine and I understand. His is paid for in full (and he’s 23!) So clever, that boy.

Enjoying Korea. Going out less and less unless it’s to a nearby coffee shop. Recent purchases (the house) mean I need to gather a good amount of savings again.

Supposed to take my father on his first vacation in over 20 years, also.

South East Asia trip while i’m here.


I know! My Korean mom is hella cute.

Surgery soon.