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Month: January, 2014

Not Cancer

That growth in my head isn’t cancer according to results from Monday’s CT scan with contrast. Contrast in my iv made my crotch burn.

I’m freshly alive again, but i have to get it removed. Millions of all day appointments. And i have a few civilian appointments at hospitals in Korean cities i have yet to explore.

Gluten free diet until i figure out what is causing me to throw up all the time.

And i might get married soon.


Super tumor

I hope my parents’ first trip to Korea isn’t to be here for my surgery. Really, though. Alone overseas and diseased. Lol

Nasal Passage

I couldn’t pop my ears, so I got an ENT appointment.
They used an endoscope to look at my Eustachian tubes and what was the problem instead of just giving me tubes yesterday.

Turns out I have a growth in my nasal passage blocking my Eustachian tube. Caused the one on the left side to collapse. The right is just being squeezed.

The growth has to come out of one of the most sensitive parts of my body.

And I might have to get a biopsy within the coming months.