Tha Lipe

by justkirsty

As in “the life.”

Hmm, Korea has been interesting.

But more on that later.
Handsome wants to get married some time soon. Not really a big deal because I told him I was worried about marrying too early and he was like, “Oh, sweetie, we have lots to discuss, still.”
Okay. Good answer, bub. 🙂 Never thought I would have an issue with someone wanting to marry me. Especially someone who is amazing as he is.
I just want to make sure I’m healed and work on myself. I seem like a serial dater, getting out of a serious relationship and jumping into one.

I’ve been hanging out with this Stank guy a lot. He’s really chill. I met him after I finished my pt test on my broken foot in July. He was pt-ing at the same time as I was and it was my first time speaking with him. I was super sweaty and uncomfortable and he asked me for my number. The craziest thing I ever did was sneak into his room (you know, you can’t go into the opposite sex’s room anymore in tech school) to listen to him play the guitar.
Now, I’ve been hanging out with him every day because I went to Korea without a sponsor. So, he’s been getting me situated. He’s very friendly and hasn’t hit on me, so things are good. Still it feels like I shouldn’t hang out with ONE guy for that long. Two weeks on break and it looks like I’ll do actual work next week!!! Organizing a library. lol IN KOREAN.

Anyways, what has happened so far? Kind of been running around/sitting in my room waiting for someone to notice that I’m here.

My friend from long ago took me out. I ordered some beef shit (on the right side of what is pictured) and it made my stomach hurt like no other. I do NOT like grilling my own food, especially when it’s mostly fat. Veggies, please.

my old friend (from China) Jia Wei (different friend.) Met her when I went to Korea for the first time months ago and we just reconnected this weekend. Love her tons!! We were suuper wasted and cursing random people out in Korean.

Speaking to her made me feel more comfortable about my current relationship. Boyfriend wants for me to meet his mom. But, I’m afraid of doing so because of my skin color and what happened before. However, Jia Wei said that, when she was younger, she was attracted to Black men. She told her parents and they said, “Oh, whatever makes you happy. Whoever he is better treat you well.” Turns out Korea is one of the most ass-backwards countries out there. But, China and other places are modernizing rapidly.

Last weekend, I met up with my dear friend Soju (Korean alcohol.) Ended up falling into a bunch of crates and fucking up my shoulder. Then, I woke up in a hostel and ran into a glass door.
Fucking glass doors in Korea. Huge ass bump on my forehead.

so used to going out and eating by myself these past two weeks.

Really don’t feel like meeting people. Thanksgiving weekend and I kind of just want to mope by myself. lol

Sewed on the WRONG rank on ALL of my uniforms, so had to explain it to the Sgts I met today.

My boyfriend.

My boyfriend sends me the best photos. Check out his motherfucking BACK.. HOLY sheet.

no more confusing posts. Maybe I’ll be more organized next time. WHAtevs.