Dear Korea,

by justkirsty

Dear Korea,
I’ll meet you again next week.
(receiving money from my Korean parents while studying abroad.)

Dear Korea,
it’s 오가영! Long time since we’ve talked, eh?
I’ll see you again next week, but, this time, I won’t really be visiting.
No, I’m going to pack up all of my things and muster up enough balls to stay there for 2 years.
Already signed my contract, Dear. No whining.

Dear, Korea,
This time, we’re not really friends.
Sorry, but after I gave you my heart and
received disappointment, how can we be?
I told your people I was marrying this man I loved
with every breath I took
and your people laughed at me. I didn’t know it was a funny joke
or I wouldn’t have said it so confidently.
And, I didn’t know it was a funny joke still
when I visited his parents and they thought,
“Oh, too dark. Our grandchildren will be burdened.”
And, once again, I didn’t chuckle
once the man I had been with for 2 and a half years of my life
told me he didn’t love me anymore
and that he chose to be successful over me.
Because Black doesn’t equal

No, instead, my little heart,
a lump of coal, anyway
ruined by a man with fingers and hands
that he couldn’t keep still
when he was itching himself into my
young panties,
holding me down and shutting me off
from the world,
my little black heart,
finally lit by this man who took me dancing
in parking lots at night
and soaring over cities
didn’t think it could take your joke.

So, now, I know your tongue,
I speak your language well.
I became a master of your sounds
for the man I once loved
with my little coal heart
and my dirty, coal skin.

And, now, I’m coming back soon
to have my revenge.

This is your warning.

Funny enough, Monday, I was reminded of just how Korean culture boils my blood. I was sitting in a restaurant with my ex and I had told him that I would buy him lunch.
He’s a college student, now, and that’s the only way I can get him to actually see me.
We sat down and he started ordering, since I was full.  불고기와 돌솥비빔밥.
I protested. Free meal?! I give you a free meal and you order an expensive ass meat dish and the more expensive of the bi bim baps? No way.
Told the waitress, “돌솥비빔밥 말고 그냥 비빔밥 주세요.” (instead of the stone-bowl bibimbap, please bring me the normal bi bim bap.)
She looked at me, furious. “You make up you mind! Listen to man!” and walked off with his original order.

No. I will NOT fucking listen to “the man.”
If I could make her head explode by directing angry glares at her, shit would’ve caused a disturbance in the universe.