by justkirsty

Last text from my ex:

I loved you with all
my heart and still love u. I
nerver loved something like
this before.. even I was
mean sometimes while we
were dating, , jusr becuz i
want u to have/be the best
in ur life. u were in my head
n my heart every day every
minute n every second. we
knew we r soul mate the
day we met. That’s why it’s
hard for me to forget u.. n I
decided to not see anything
that reminds me of u. U
moved on n I need to do
that as well. U told me u
had hard time breaking up..
but ask somebody that
knows me well.. how hard it
was to me n how it still
affects me.

Kirsten, be happy n
live ur life.
I hope he loves n take care
of u way more than I am. I
really hope that because u
deserve it and I mean it.
Have a safe to korea n i
hope that u will be happy
everyday every second


I don’t believe in soulmates anymore. And, I don’t believe in true love.
If it exists, I did nothing more than love him with my useless heart.

What a waste.

But, now, I’ll just go on. Trick some poor guy out there into
thinking I’m something I’m not.

There’s this fairytale that I want at any cost.

Closing on this house soon. 22 years old and I’ll own a patio home. Legit.

Money for the wicked.