Homegirl And Skin

by justkirsty

This homegirl,
I’ve lost 25 pounds and FINALLY broken my plateau. Even if by only a few tenths of a pound, I know that I can lose the last bit!!

I don’t want to go all anorexic again. I just want to be skinny.

From 154 (April) to 135 (Beginning of June)
And I’ve been floating around 135 for a few months…
now, 129.1928390872194120948902802394324 blahblahblah
due to adding sprints and squats to my work out.
You know… and pt in the heat.

I would like to be 125.
And then 120.
And then 115.

At 5’4″, these are good goals.

More squats. More stairmaster. More yogurt.
Hopefully, when I go on leave for a month, my routine doesn’t change too much. Hopefully, I can still go do some things.